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Gas is used in the caravan for cooking, providing hot water, heating the interior of the caravan. Gas is preferred by many caravans because it offers a practical and space-saving use.

But before you start using gas, there are important points that you should know and pay attention to after you start.

You should make sure that the camping area you are going to accepts the gas cylinder of the ferry you will use.

If you are going to camp after a short journey by caravan, you can place your gas cylinder empty in the caravan and fill it at a filling center close to the campsite.

You should have the gas system regularly inspected by a specialist.

During the journey, you should keep your gas cylinders away from areas that may receive sparks.

Phone, etc. near the gas cylinder. Do not approach with devices.

You should not keep your gas cylinders close to the fuel tank of your caravan. You should keep it in a high area.

You should make sure that the valve is closed when not in use.

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