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Site selection at the campsite is a more important process than it seems. Some campsites will assign us a specific campsite, while others will offer several options to choose from. Choosing a good plot will depend on the success of our vacation.

We arrive at the campsite and arrive at the reception. After leaving the cards and informing how many people are accompanying us, it's time to choose a plot.

Choosing a camp to sleep in for a night on a trip is not the same as choosing a camp to spend a few days at.

If we're just going for a night out, any plot is fine.

On the contrary, if we plan to stay for a few days, we will look at other details on which our accommodation comfort will depend, such as the proximity of the plot to toilets and sinks.

Having the plot close to the toilets makes it convenient especially when we go in a tent or tent, as long as we don't carry a chemical toilet with us because in the caravan we will always have the option to use our toilet. It is essential to be near the toilet with small children and a tent.

We will also deal with the fact that the plot is not sloping, as leveling the trailer can be complicated and placing it on the plot without the help of several people can be impossible. It can also be dangerous even in case of rain. And it poses a danger if they go with children by bike or skateboard.

Shade is necessary at the time, especially in the summer, so often a plot with an awning can be recommended. It's usually not available in all parcels, so we should always ask for it. At many campgrounds, the cost of an awning pitch is the same as without a tent. If not available, we will need to look for a wooded area or remove an awning or pergola.

The following is recommended especially for families with children, and is to avoid camp exit or entry pitches on the streets, as well as on main streets. They're usually the ones with the highest vehicular traffic, so we'll always need to be aware of the kids.

If the plot has little traffic and we are with a family with children of the same age as ours, we will have the guarantee of forgetting them for a good part of our stay.

As a tip, if the campground is small, we can ask the reception at which grounds the children are.

Another issue is neighbors.

If we seek peace of mind, being in a motorhome or caravan with foreign registration is usually a guarantee of that.

Placing yourself away from the campground bar and pool is also a guarantee that you won't hear dips or football screams at nap time, loud music or late night laughter.

And if we're looking for privacy, the plot located on a corner or at the end of a street will allow us to reduce the neighbors by one or two.

Another tip if we don't like the smell of charred cutlets is to avoid the plot where we usually see the barbecue. Unless it's clear we're planning to do something else.

If the campground is close to the beach and we don't mind losing viewing, standing on a secondary street can be annoying at night and the sea breeze will relax us.

What about insects? The presence of a tree with a fat trunk on the plot (olive or similar) may be a guarantee of flying ants or annoying hornets.

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