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Orient camping is located in Konacık Neighborhood, a seaside resort 9 kilometers away from Arsuz district, on the south wing of Iskenderun bay. Orient camping is 100 meters from the bridge, on the edge of the Karaçay stream, ahead of Konacık. Konacık is a holiday destination where the sea and high mountains come together, and it is the most beautiful geography of the Eastern Mediterranean. The camping is by the stream and the Karaçay canyon provides an ice-cold and damp air flow to the camping area at night. The campsite is in a quiet place with high oxygen and less light pollution where you can best watch the stars. The campground is arranged as a high botanical garden covered with a wide variety of vegetation. The campsite has its own ice-cold and high-quality water resources. The region is suitable for water, mountain and canyon sports that can host all kinds of nature sports and meet all tastes.

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