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There are many doors, windows and locked hardware inside and outside the caravan. It is mandatory to have a locked system for both the safety during the journey and the safety of those inside the caravan. This obligation brings with it the obligation to keep too many keys. Which key is suitable for which lock can be a mystery in itself. There are single key systems that will prevent this extra waste of time. It is a system based on the ability of a key to open both the caravan door, the window, the cabin door and the compartments inside the caravan. The presence of locks of various sizes does not affect the functionality of the key. The key part of the lock system is the same size as the others and suitable for the same key.

It has the feature of mounting the one-key system easily to the necessary places in the caravan. Just in case, making another copy of the only key you have will save you from being in a difficult situation.

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