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Once you've found a great campground for caravan camping, parking on the right ground becomes very important. Not all campgrounds may have a flat surface, or flat areas may be occupied by others. In this case, there are products that do not require you to search for another camp because you cannot find a flat area to park the caravan.

Leveling ramp and chock kits are functional products that allow you to fix the caravan flat on sloping terrain.

Parking the caravan on sloping terrain prevents the equipment inside the caravan from operating at full capacity. Failure to drain the sink properly, the refrigerator's door that opens automatically, may cause the same area to be used instinctively in the caravan and the center of gravity to change. You can continue your camping pleasure by making the caravan level with the level ramp and preventing it from slipping with the wedge kits, and you can include the time we will spend in search of a new camping area in the holiday period.

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