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There is a real need for products that are both functional and space-saving during caravan accommodation. The concept of little belongings created to avoid difficulties during travel may cause problems due to the lack of materials needed during the caravan stay. Therefore, you should choose products that will not take up space in the caravan except for use. One of these products is undoubtedly multi-purpose baskets. Baskets with many uses such as washing clothes, storing vegetables, collecting wood for fire, keeping drinks and fruits that need to be cooled in ice, keeping things that cause space clutter together, using them as a practical baby bath and creating a sleeping area for our little friends. They are not preferred because they take up a lot of space in the caravan due to their size. Portable foldable baskets designed for caravans, tents and houses are among the most used trend products because they do not take up space when folded. The fact that it can be stored even in the narrowest spaces when folded has made it especially preferred in caravans. Collapsible baskets are designed in many sizes and types. You can choose the classic perforated or non-perforated type according to your needs and use it easily.

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